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  The following links and videos are small sample testimonies of the many thousands of people healed from all over the world by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. You will not find this level of instant miracle healing with new age, psychics, shamans or in the name of Muhammad, Krishna or Buddhism.
It's all happening in only one name,
the name of Jesus Christ!

John Mellor - Healing Ministry

Amazing miracle healing
documentaries on video here,
medical record verified!

Indian Girl fully healed of terrible skin disease

For there is no other name given under heaven, by which we can be saved (Acts 4:12)

Numerous healings of all kinds are presently taking place thru "Little Treasures Orphanage" Ministry in Pakistan. Violet and John continue to share these miracles from their facebook page here.

Blind man healed

Christ gives Muslim man his hearing back.

Healed from wheelchair
after 22 years paralyzed.

Raised from the dead
Hospital Doctor tells all

If you should know of other miracle healings you would like to see displayed here, please use the comments section below and tell us about!


  1. So what is this? It would be evidence so strong in a court of law, that it would leave no doubt. A firm verdict would be reached with no doubt whatsoever, that Jesus Christ is the saviour of the world!

  2. And he's coming back in great glory with all his saints to take over the earth and bring forth a 1000 years of peace. Eternal life and escape from death is offered to you thru faith in him. Believe, repent and be baptised in Jesus name for eternal life and escape from the judgment to come.

  3. Dear disgusting Jesus fucks. You are the problem with the world. I found your pamphlet in my car door parked at work which is not a public parking lot. Don’t touch my car with your filthy fingers, don’t trespass and please do the world a favor and wake up... Jesus isn’t real.

    1. Zachary- Has anyone ever told you God loves you?